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I found Alyssa Smith Creative through a workshop she taught up in Phoenix about marketing, branding and social media. The workshop was so effective I came home and immediately shared all the information I learned from Alyssa with my husband. One of the things that stood out to me was how professional she was and how much knowledge she had, she really knows her stuff! Because of the workshop I was able to connect with her on social media and reach out to her as someone to help with creating me a website for my brand Sigfus.

Alyssa has worked with me on creating an entire website from scratch while implementing all of my ideas, and I had a lot! She was so open to doing whatever it took to make me happy and get the feel of what I was looking for on a site. I am so happy with what she created. Not only is my website beautiful, but it Is highly functional. I have multiple things the website can do and Alyssa was so knowledgeable in all of things I requested from a blog tab, FAQs, linking it to mailchimp, as well as answering all the hard questions many people don’t know like SEO details etc. Alyssa has such a great marketing mind and creative eye for design. She works quickly but efficiently and has excellent communication and turn around times. I look forward to working with her much more in the future!
— Lauren, Owner of Sigfus Designs
She went and STILL goes so far and above what was in the contract. Her passion for my company is as big as mine! She created my logo, website, business cards, every label, photo, video, an Instagram account, and she makes several posts a week. I bounce ideas off of her constantly.
I work a full time job (for now) so these are things I would never have time for , much less the know how.
This company wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Alyssa. She is more like a partner. We chat daily. She has become not only such an important part of my business, but also a friend.
I cannot recommend her enough if you are starting a business or if your business needs an update.
— Jill Simmons Owner of Tea West Trade
Alyssa met with me for a brand consultation. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting the sales I wanted. She helped me pinpoint exactly what I want my brand to be based on and what message I wanted to get across! She presented options and let me decide. I decided to go for it and completely rebrand my company and create a whole new more modern and profession website. But I didn’t know where to get started with that!! And here’s why I’m so happy I went to Alyssa in the first place.
Not only did she help me rename my brand, she designed my logo, and built my website! She was very conscious of my budget and made sure to keep me very involved in the process. Then she did a photo shoot with me to have content on my site!
I will be having her do my business cards as well as the tags for the label of my clothing line.
I have already recommended her to several of my entrepreneur friends. I don’t know if anyone else who could have done all these things for me and made it look amazing, and at a price I was comfortable with!
I am SO grateful I took the opportunity to have a brand consult with her. It’s changed my business and my life for the better!
Alyssa is also really easy to talk with, responds so quickly, and really helped me when I was nervous or stressed. She’s like a life coach, business website guru, graphic design genius, and awesome photographer, hand holder, motivator, think tank! I am going to keep using her services for my social media marketing and all website development as I move forward!
— Rachel Sutton of Zemful
From the very first contact, Alyssa has been flexible and very easy to work with. She’s a clear communicator who’s very approachable and open minded. As a new business owner, I was so grateful for her insights on design, photography and setting up my website. I was clueless. Her vision was SO much better then what I had. Hahaha. I love my logo, pictures, website and am very pleased with how everything has turned out. Thank you, Alyssa Smith Creative for helping me look professional and I like I know what I’m doing. I highly recommend!!
— Jami Richardson of BNO Entertainment
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